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 Our holistic approach focuses on achieving circular food and farming systems 

Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Busua 

Our Centre for Social Entrepreneurship runs two core programs:

The Social Business Accelerator (SBA) is a 100-day venture acceleration program. Powered by the Roxbourg Institute of Social Entrepreneurship, it focuses on developing promising social businesses that address the root causes of social, gender or environmental injustice, and is concluded with the Humanitarian.MBA degree.

The Social Business Incubator takes the most promising projects developed under the SBA to the next level. It provides tailored expert support and start-up funding for launch and scale up.


Justice and Henry completed the Social Business Accelerator program on mushroom production and social entrepreneurship


The new school has space for up to 60 students


Humanitarian.MBA Degree powered by the Roxbourg-  Institute of Social Entrepreneurship (RISE)

We are based in a colourful fishing village in Ghana

Busua is a famous beach resort where people from different cultures meet


Circular Economy Projects in our Centre in Busua


Compost toilet; the organic compost (humanure) is used for the dynamic agroforestry system


Oyster mushroom production; the mushrooms are sold to local restaurants and supermarkets


Honey production in our beehives


The centre for complementary medicine provides healing by local and international health practitioners


Mill for sustainable palm oil, soap factory and biogas digester

IMG_7082 (1).JPEG

We are offering some fifteen guestrooms for a comfortable stay  


We produce a wide variety of local vegetables, spices and herbs on our organic farm


The farm runs solely on solar power

Centre for Sustainable Agroforestry, Mankessim

In our second centre – a farm near Mankessim (Central Region) covering more than 40 acres – we cultivate and process different types of organic crops such as maize (corn), cassava, pineapple and vegetables, do research trials and plan the setting up of a locally adapted dynamic agroforestry system. The farm is an educational centre on regenerative food and farming systems for national and international stakeholders. It combines indigenous knowledge with locally adapted mechanization and technologies (e.g. solar irrigation, post-harvest processing and storage systems, etc.).


Organic Mushroom for health and livelihood

Solar dehydrator to reduce post-harvest losses


Setting up a dynamic agroforestry system


Harvested organic maize (corn)

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