Do you want to experience West Africa? Do you like cultural experiences? Do you want to learn more about sustainability? Then visit our projects on site and get involved. The Obrobibini Peace Complex (OPC) in Busua, Ghana is the right choice for you. Our passion is to equip people with the inspiration and skills they need to contribute to a regenerative future for our planet, our society and ourselves.

We offer accommodation close to nature in various guest houses with breathtaking rooms and look forward to welcoming you in beautiful Busua. We will support you in advance with the necessary information about visas, vaccinations, telephone, currency, weather, etc.

If you book a stay with us, airport transport and breakfast are included. You can enjoy lunch and dinner either with us or in the various local restaurants.

Various experiences can be booked in advance or on site. If you already know what you would like to experience, let us know before your trip. You are also welcome to book spontaneously on site. Our offers:

Cape Coast– Stay overnight in the historic town on the way to Busua and visit the infamous fort.

Fufu Experience– Visit the local farmers on the farm and prepare the national dish yourself.

Fishing Experience– Accompany the local fishermen in their work. The catch is prepared together in our restaurant

Island Experience– Visit the beautiful island off the coast of Busua.

Meditation workshop– strengthen your mind and find inner peace.

Surfing Lessons– For beginners and advanced surfers. The local surf instructors will show you how to do it or take you to the best spots.

Yoga Lessons– Activate your body and let your inner energy flow


So that future generations can also discover the world's fascinating places, responsible travel and sustainable use of resources in the holiday paradise are becoming increasingly popular. Through sustainable tourism, the needs of travelers are met in the best possible way and at the same time the future prospects of the destinations are increased.




Empowering Regenerative Leaders Through Our Educational Centers